Q: What mail can I send?

A: Triggered mail: Email triggered by events, such as registration notification, transaction notification, verification notification mail.

Batch mail: Subscription emails sent to members, such as product promotion, user notification, periodical information, etc. eMail Service Only Allows Sending Commercial Mail Permitted by the Recipient, mail content is the recipient's active subscription, unlicensed spam is not allowed to send.

Q: Can attachments be added to mail?

A: Yes, please refer to API interface for details.

Q: Why did all the emails go into the recipient's junk mailbox?

A: Mail enters the recipient's garbage, generally because the content of the mail is judged as spam by the recipient's system. Attempts can be made to adjust the content of the mail and avoid the use of spam terms. Then send a test email to your other mailboxes to check if the new content is still considered as spam.

Q: Suggestions on Spam Handling

A: Standardize the content of email, use the link address of website, avoid using short link address (otherwise it will be regarded as spam)

Add the unsubscribe link address to the email content and make a real unsubscribe. At the same time, remind the recipient to add the sender's address to the whitelist or contact at a clear location. At the same time, add the introduction of your company and products.

If the sender sends the same message to multiple recipients at the same time, it may also be automatically identified as spam by the system.

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