Quick Start

Click on the console of the navigation bar and select the eMail Service under Notification Services.

Create Account

  • In the console, click + New Account.
  • Register eMail account. Click Submit.

Send eMail

After mail account is configured by the tenant, the tenant can call the API to send email.

Path: https://[Host]/eBao/1.0/email/send

The format of the message sent is as follows:

  account: 'xxxxx@xxxxx.com'
  content: 'this is a test email with bcc',
  subject: 'email test with bcc',
  consignee: [
  cc: ['xxxxx@xxxxx.com'],
  bcc: ['xxxxx@xxxxx.com'],
    attachmentName: 'test.txt',
    attachmentContent: '....',
    attachmentMimeType: 'text/html'
    contentId: 'test.txt',
    attachmentContent: '....',
    attachmentMimeType: 'text/html'

Return example: The status is 0, indicating successful sending, otherwise, the sending fails.

  "status": 0,
  "info": null

[!WARNING|label: Restriction Description] We will monitor the content of mail sent by users to prevent the content of mail from violating the requirements of national laws and regulations.

If the message content violates the rules, the relevant users will be frozen. After the account is frozen, the user cannot continue to use the mail service.

Delete Account

  • In the console, click delete button.

[!WARNING|label: Delete] After confirming deletion, the account will not continue to be used. Before deleting the account, make sure that the account is no longer in use by the application.

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