Send eMail

API Description

Send a email to users.

API Info

API Url Method
[https://[HOST]/eBao/1.0/email/send](https://[HOST]/eBao/1.0/email/send) POST
Parameter Value
Authorization Get Token via API (/cas/ebao/v1/json/tickets)

API Parameters

Data format: application/json

Name Required Type Description Example
account YES String eMail account
alias NO String eMail account alias eBaoCloud
content YES String eMail content this is a test email.
subject YES String eMail title test email
consignee YES List<String> Account list for receive eMail ['', '']
bcc NO List<String> BCC list ['', '']
cc NO List<String> CC list ['', '']
attachment NO List<Object> Attachment list {'attachmentName': 'test.txt', 'attachmentContent': 'base64 content', 'attachmentMimeType': 'text/html'}
contentFiles NO List<Object> Content files list {'contentId': 'test.txt', 'attachmentContent': 'base64 content', 'attachmentMimeType': 'text/html'}
templateCode NO String If use template, the content setting is invalid 123456
templateParams NO String Parameters of template {'code':'1234', time:'15'}
priority NO Boolean Mark email as important false

Successful Response

    "status": 0,
    "info": null

Failed Response

    "status": 1,
    "info": "Error Message"

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