Key Concepts

Simple Rule

Generally speaking, simple rule is a table of openl tablets. your can treat simple rule as java method:

  • Method parameters <> rule conditions
  • Method return <> rule result

The supported rule tables:

  • Decision Table
  • Datatype Table
  • Data Table
  • Test Table
  • Run Table
  • Method Table
  • Configuration Table
  • Properties Table
  • Spreadsheet Table
  • Column Match Table
  • TBasic Table
  • Table Part

For keeping simple, we suggest you to use only limited tables,such as Decision Table or Spreadsheet table.

For more detail, pls see Openl Tablet reference documents Tablets - Reference Guide.pdf

Process Rule

Process rule is a process indeed. most nodes in process are simple rule execution, and some nodes are javascript execution.

Compare to traditional process, there are some user tasks but in rule service, there is no user task. All the tasks are fully automatic as the process instance will be triggered at the begin of api call and will be finished at the end of api call.

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