Simple Rule

A simplified decision table which has simple conditions for each parameter and a simple return can be easily represented as a simple rules table.

Create rule

  • Click Rule Designer and move to New button, select Standard Rule

  • As an example, let's create a rule to get the price of the vehicle based on the country, region, CarBrand, carModel conditions.

    • Select Simple Rules Table and input basic info

    • Add input parameters, click Next button

    • Check the rule and click Next button

    • Rule is created, now you can input conditions and click Save button to save you rule

    • Input rule name

Test rule

  • Click Test button for testing rule

  • Change you test data

  • If there is no problem, close the test page

Publish rule

  • Click Publish button to publish current rule

  • Check the rule in Rule Library

[!NOTE] If rule name existed, new version of that rule will published

Test rule from postman

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