Auto Scale Config

  1. Click the following menu Auto Scale Config. PNG

  2. Click Create button, a popup window will be showed. PNG

    • Select the service that you want to setup the auto scale criteria, like here select dev-sample-nodejs,
    • Then set Max Replicas, Target CPU. In the above configuration, when Target CPU approaches 30% usage ratio, a new pod (instance) will be created automatically by the Kubernetes.
  3. From the following menu and UI to see how many nodes / replicas are running for each micro service. PNG

  1. Then we use postman to do stress testing. PNG

  2. Then after a while, you will see the Current CPU is over the target CPU, and the Desired Replicas is 3 which means 3 replicas will be created. PNG

  3. Soon 3 replicas for dev-sample-nodejs are running. PNG

  4. After the stress testing completed, the Current CPU is down to 0. PNG PNG

  5. A few minutes later, the Current Replicas and Desired Replicas will down to 1, which means there is only 1 pod (instance) running. PNG

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