Create a micro service manually

Service Factory allows user to create new micro service manually. User need to configure the service, dockerfile, git repository, runtime configuration.

  1. Click Create button, in the pop up window. Local Image

  2. Select Create New, input the service name, then click Submit. PNG

  3. Then you will be able to see the record for the newly created micro service Local Image

  4. Click the Edit button. Local Image

  5. Configure the service.User need to input the dockerfile, information of git repository, runtime port, etc. Local Image

    • Service Name: service name. For example:abc-service
    • Dockerfile:

      • Select the dockerfile for the service if users created it before.
      • Users can select the dockerfile shared by other services.
      • When select New, users can create new dockerfile.We recommend to use the service name as new dockerfile name. For example:abc-service
    • Skill: for example,Java,NodeJs,Go,etc.

    • For more information about git Git Support

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