Q: What can the user role permission management system do?

A: The user role management is a feature through which a user is given rights to perform some operation in the entire application – basically what the user is supposed to do in the application.

Q: How could I give the access right of Logging Monitor Menu to my user?

A: First,search the Logging Monitor Menu permission on page Permission Maintain,you will find the name is portal_web_logging_monitor_and_notification. Second,if your user is a developer who need the permission,you can assign the role TenantDeveloper which include the portal_web_logging_monitor_and_notification permission to him/her.If you just want him/her to add the Logging Monitor Menu permission,you can create a new role,then assign the portal_web_logging_monitor_and_notification to the new role,after that,assign the role to the user.

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